Juliette Deshayes – Watercolours

“La Maison de Juliette” was owned by and named after Juliette Deshayes who was an artist specialising in watercolours and who also painted oil on canvas.

Juliette was great aunt to several of my friends in the village and aunt to another former Mirmande artist, Guy Marandet.  His daughter Anne is currently showing an exhibition of his works in the “Grand Maison”, and whilst visiting the expo, I discovered a box of delightful postcards containing some of Juliette’s watercolours.  I was absolutely thrilled to find these and happy to see some of the paintings she created in her atelier, which still exists in the house today.
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Juliette DESHAYES – Paris, les pêcheurs au Pont Marie (Paris, the fishermen at Marie Bridge) – Watercolour 1972








Juliette DESHAYES – Italie, Burano, barques de pêcheurs  (Burano, Italy, fishing boats) – Watercolour 1969








Juliette DESHAYES – Maroc, la vieille ville de Fez (Morocco, the old city of Fez) – Watercolour 1969

Paris, la fête foraine aquarelle 1964







Juliette DESHAYES – Paris, la fête foraine (Paris, the Funfair) – Watercolour 1964








Juliette DESHAYES – Espagne, le château de Peniscola (Spain, Peniscola castle) – Watercolour 1958








Juliette DESHAYES – Mirmande, les deux pins maritimes (the two pines) – Watercolour 1958

Mirmande, André Lhote et Simone devant la ferma aux 90 appartments aquarelle 1957







Juliette DESHAYES – Mirmande, André LHOTE et Simone devant la ferme aux 90 appartements (Watercolour 1957)








Juliette DESHAYES – Ferme à Mirmande (farm at Mirmande) – Watercolour 1952








Juliette DESHAYES – Mirmande, le village et les peupliers de Caroline en bordure de Teyssonne – Watercolour 1949








Juliette DESHAYES – Mirmande, la ferme Perrinet (the Perrinet farm) – Watercolour 1947








Juliette DESHAYES – Mirmande, la ferme Moulin à la meule – Watercolour 1945