Juliette Deshayes – Oils on canvas

“La Maison de Juliette” was named after its’ former owner, Juliette Deshayes (01.02.1900-27.01.2001), who bought the house in 1934.  She was a watercolour painter and friend of André Lhote (cubist painter) and his wife Simone.  Here are a few examples of her work that I could find on the internet.

This is a painting of the actual kitchen in La Maison de Juliette, during her time.  Very little has changed today.
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Cuisine Rustique Oil painting on canvas 46x55cm




juliette-deshayes-L'église de Le Mesnil-au-Bry

L’église de le Mesnil-au-Bry – Oil Painting on Canvas 54x65cm












Pescatori sul fiume – Oil painting on canvas 61x73cm













Les péniches à quai sur la Seine

Les péniches à quai sur la Seine Oil painting on canvas 61×50 cm